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Hello and thanks for visiting. I hope to do three things with this blog:

1. Provide news.

If anything noteworthy happens regarding my writing, I’ll announce it here. If I were on Twitter, I would also backtrack from devastating gaffes here. There’s a reason why I’m not on Twitter.

2. Juggle a few features.

Expect an emphasis on horror movies because I enjoy writing about them. I plan to take a fresh look at well-worn classics, compare remakes to originals, and stump for neglected gems. I’ll write about non-horror books and films, too, but this site is clearly biased toward the dark and strange.

3. Share the very occasional short story, essay, or odd project.

I’m a novelist at heart, but it takes years for me to write a book. I need a break from that slog every so often, a chance to try different forms. This blog is both a hobby and an experiment for me, and it will never be too big to fail.

All of this may change depending on what works or doesn’t work, how engaged or disengaged I turn out to be, audience response, and time constraints. As for today, I’d rather show you a new post instead of tell you about all the wonderful things I intend to do. So here we go...

The Living Death


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